• Building Construction
  • Thatch Roofing and Lapa Construction
  • information technology equipment and software distributor enterprise
  • Cleaning and Upholstery Services
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BBBEE Status

BBBEE StatusIn terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 f 2004 and the Codes of Good practice gazetted on the 09th February 27, Thindi Holdings is classified as an Exempted Micro Enterprise and is deemed to have a BBBEE status of Level 3 Contributor”.

% Black ownership: 100%

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Philosophy and Values

We at Thindi Holdings will always strive to deliver the best service whilst trying to ensure all our stakeholders- employees and shareholders- benefit fully.

We believe that our employees are our most important resource in ensuring we deliver the most professional and quality service to our clients.

We are committed to ensuring that our client’s needs and expectations are constantly fulfilled to their satisfaction and beyond.

We at Thindi Holdings will strive to remunerate our employees’ industry-related wages or better ensuring that they are contend and committed employees, ensuring that they provide a superior, convenient and satisfactory service to our customers. We will always ensure we meet our deadlines.

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